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New manga series: Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

In June 2012, the first volume of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo was released, and I saw it in the list of new releases on Kodansha’s site, but didn’t think anything of it. Not until I unrelatedly found another series, … Continue reading

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Dr. Duo volume 3

The third volume of Dr. Duo was released on the 17th of December 2012, and as with volume two, I read it as soon as I received it in the mail. This is one of my favourite current manga titles … Continue reading

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New manga series: Slime-san to Yuusha Kenkyuubu

Almost by coincidence I added Slime-san to Yuusha Kenkyuubu 1 to my order for December, as I hadn’t heard anything about the series or seen a preview of it, but the cover seemed interesting. When I received that order yesterday, … Continue reading

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Sensei no Bulge review

In May 2012, I discovered a new series debuting in Jump called Sensei no Bulge. It quickly became the manga I looked forward to every week, so I read the new chapters immediately after they were released. I would say … Continue reading

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Naruto volume 1 and 2

During these past three weeks or so I have read Naruto volume 1 and 2 in Japanese, and it has been both fun and educative. I had to look up words on every single page, often 5-10 words that I … Continue reading

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