Manga purchases in August 2013

August is almost over and I have yet to post my manga purchases, as I received my second package from Japan as late as today. This wasn’t Honto’s fault, but mine for traveling to Greece for eight days this past week.

I made two “controlled buys” in August, meaning that I restricted myself to only buying the necessities, as I had another big purchase planned for the month — but I’ll get back to that.

Here follows my new manga in August:

Manga purchases in August 2013

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Weekly Jump manga goes crazy in September

The Shueisha list of tankobon to be published in September is absolutely crazy, as 13 books are scheduled to be released under the Jump Comics banner. The publishing date is the 4th of September, and naturally I have already put in my preorder at the store.

Naruto volume 66

The biggest book sales-wise in September will be Naruto 66. I buy Naruto volumes as I have a complete collection and want to keep it up to date. I don’t read the books when I receive them, as I’m currently reading One Piece in an attempt to be able to read volumes when they come out. Anyway, Naruto will probably sell around 800.000 volumes, and in the succeeding weeks it will probably reach 1.000.000 sold tankobon.

Gin Tama volume 51 and Beelzebub volume 23

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Complete Japanese Naruto collection

Last month I bought the last Naruto volumes I was missing, making my collection complete. I think the Japanese format of manga is so much better than the strange manga book format we have here in Europe, and the Japanese volumes are so much cheaper as well, so while I don’t know all that much Japanese yet, I want to invest in the prospect of becoming better at it in the future.

Complete Japanese Naruto collection

Admitted, half the satisfaction of having collections is simply looking at them admiringly. I really enjoy knowing that I have a complete collection of a manga series, and now I have the two biggest Weekly Shonen Jump series currently running — Naruto and One Piece. I have yet to read Naruto further than volume 8, but that’s because I actually started out attempting to read them in Japanese. That definitely takes time for me, so it’s a slow process and I’m on a break again right now.
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Manga purchases in July 2013

A quick post reporting my purchases from Japan for this month. I had one package for Kodansha and one for Shueisha, including a lot of new volumes from series I follow, as well as new series from Shonen Rival, and the new Jump series World Trigger had its first tankobon published.

Manga purchases in July 2013

I bought some data books as well, one for Fairy Tail, named Fairy Tail +, and three One Piece data books: Red, Blue and Yellow.

  • Assassination Classroom 5
  • Bakuman 5-6
  • Fairy Tail + (data book)
  • Hungry Joker 3 (end of series)
  • Momo No Majutsushi 1
  • Naruto 65
  • One Piece Red, Blue and Yellow (data books)
  • Otouto Catcher Ore Pitcher De! 17
  • Sakurasaku Syndrome 1
  • Samurai Ragazzi 7-8
  • Shingeki no Kyojin 8-10 (I am now up to date with this series)
  • Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 3 (end of series)
  • Takara no Zen 1
  • World Trigger 1

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Manga purchases in June 2013

Beginning this month I put in book orders two times. I ordered books for June in the beginning of May, with one package focused on Shueisha (Jump) and one on Kodansha. The Shueisha one is sent first, as they publish books in the first few days of a month, and the KC one is shipped in the middle of the month. A couple of days ago I received the KC package, so now I can show you all the great manga I got.

Japanese manga purchases June 2013

KC takes up the left half and JC the right! This month my Naruto collection is up to date and complete, which is really nice. I also bought the backlog of Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), as it seems it will keep its crazy popularity going. Here is a list of all these books in the order they are portrayed above:
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