I have collected Japanese manga since August 2010, and as new manga is published every day, my collection grows expansively all the time.

This blog will contain information about new manga from Japan, my progress with learning the Japanese language and the growth of my manga collection along with which manga I read and recommend.

My manga collection


2 Responses to About

  1. krispinkcreme says:

    Hi chringle-chan!^^ I just recently read ALL your posts here and I really love your blog! I’m also collecting manga and you inspire me mooore 🙂 I’m sad though coz your last post was Oct 2013. Hope you’re doing fine^^ I’m excited to see more photos of your manga collection! Jaa ❤

    • chringle says:

      Hi krispinkcreme.
      Thank you for your kind message. I still collect, although not in the scale I used to. I didn’t order any books in May, and I ordered 8 books in June. I try to cut back on the manga ordering because I’m moving, but also because I have less and less time to look in the books and get better at reading Japanese.
      I hope your quest to collect manga and learn Japanese will be fun and that you enjoy it. Do you have a website with a description or pictures of your collection?

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