Manga plans for the rest of 2013

Without spreadsheets my life really wouldn’t suit me at all. I am the sort of person who needs everything organized, and I rely on planning as a sense of help to keep sane and also as a security. In terms of buying stuff, I need spreadsheets to plan my purchases ahead. Even if I could buy all the manga I wanted at once, there’s several downsides to that approach, namely a very large one-time expense.

For as long as I have read and bought manga, I have kept plans for the coming months organized and in a manner so I could try out different combinations and evaluate which books I need immediately and which ones can wait a month or two.

Normally I just set an amount of money that I think is reasonable to spend. I say normally because there will of course be months where I run amok and order uncontrollably, but fortunately that doesn’t happen so often.

Right this moment I have November and December planned out almost completely, and I want to show you how I keep track of it all. I used Excel in the past but now I prefer Google Drive spreadsheets, as I can open it easily from everywhere I go.

This list shows the first part of my November manga plan:

November Manga Plan

The first four titles are the Weekly Jump series that publish new volumes in November: One Piece 72, Nisekoi 9, Soul Catcher(s) 2 – please keep going!! – and Smoky B.B. 2. Next up are two Kodansha books from October, Fairy Tail 40 and Nanatsu no Taizai 5. I let the KC books carry over to the following month as that’s just so much easier. You see, ordering Weekly Jump and Weekly Magazine tankobon from the same month in the same order means that your JC books will be ready to ship on the 2nd of the month, but the KC books will hold them back until around the 17th, and you don’t want that.

The rest is FIRE BALL 2 and Tokkabu 1, and Maken-Ki 11 from Monthly Dragon Age. A Shogakukan title has also made an appearance, “Tadashii” (Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata) volume 1. You can also see that I continue buying Kuroko no Basket. The first three volumes are ordered in the October section, which will soon be sent from Japan.

November Manga Plan 2

This is simply my second planned order for November, it will cover almost the entire rest of Kuroko no Basket. There are currently 24 volumes available.

My plan for December is a bit shorter. You can see it here:

December manga plan

By the way, the amount on the same line as the December headline is the approximate shipping charges I expect to pay. This is the same with the Porto line.

In December, there’s a lot of Shueisha manga to look forward to (You can check which Shonen Jump manga will be published in the coming months on this page). I look forward to World Trigger volume 3 and the first Kurokuroku tankobon especially. There are only two Kodansha books I’m interested in for December, Otouto Catcher Ore Pitcher De! 18 and Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome 8. Shibata Bakery is a new seinen series from Kodansha but it’s already been published.

December is the month to try out some Shogakukan manga for me, so that’s a part of the plan as well. Additionally, I plan to place a minor order in December to complete the Kuroko no Basket collection.

The process of compiling these planning lists involves me changing up the places of different books, moving them from one order to another, deleting lines if I want any books that cost around 600 yen, which reduces the amount of books that can fit in the box at one time, and changing my mind about which series I want to prioritize over others.

The “milestones” of the rest of 2013 will be completing Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome (October), Haikyuu (October) and Kuroko no Basket (December). When we get into 2014, I don’t have anything planned. I have opened my mind for Shogakukan manga from Weekly Shonen Sunday, a world that I’ve previously never paid any attention. Perhaps Shogakukan will be the focus of 2014 – or something completely different!

Without a doubt I am psyched to receive all these books just by listing them here. I look forward to unpacking them, looking at the covers, placing them on the shelves and gradually reading them.

How do you buy manga? Do you buy the books whenever you feel a desire to get some new reading material, or do you plan months ahead like me?

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4 Responses to Manga plans for the rest of 2013

  1. Whenever my wallet feel a desire to buy me a manga. OTL

  2. ryuka16 says:

    I also plan my manga purchases ahead. I even have a rough plan for the next year. I may also try buying for honto, their shipping charges seem to be a lot cheaper then CDjapan. But on CDjapan I can choose “Registered SAL” as shipping method.
    When you buy from Honto is your order insured?

    • chringle says:

      I always used standard SAL (Economy Air), and there’s no insurance on that shipping option. Out of more than 100 orders in the past three years, I have not lost one single package though, so I trust completely in regular SAL. Once I had a package sent back to Japan, for which Honto refunded me the full amount including postage, even though neither they nor I understood why it was sent back.
      As I can see you are from northern Europe like me, I wouldn’t worry about using SAL at all.

  3. Jakob says:

    You should really post again. Missing your updates 🙂

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