My manga collection outgrew the bookcase

For the past year I have had a problem with my manga collection.

I have a great bookcase for my collection, one with the ability to add extra shelves which is optimal for storing tankobon-sized books. But after a while the monthy purchases of Japanese manga added up and suddenly there was no room for the new books, so I started to take advantage of the depth of the bookcase and pushed the books in so that another row could be added in front of it.

That solution never sat well with me. As an avid collector, I enjoy gazing at all of my books sitting neatly in rows, so when I had to “hide” several rows worth of manga, I felt the need to expand my bookcase instead.

That wasn’t exactly easy though, as the bookcase is from IKEA which is almost 100 kilometres away from where I live. We drove to IKEA last week to solve my manga-accomodation problem and bought the bookcase, but when it was time to pack it in our small car, it wouldn’t fit. We had to return it before we drove home…

Luckily, my father has a larger car and he helped me, so now I have a second bookcase identical to the old one, meaning it has two extra shelves as well. Take a look!

My manga collection

Each bookcase has eight shelves, and one shelf can accomodate 50 tankobon on average. With this new bookcase I can now fit and display 800 tankobon! Strangely, when I had redistributed the old books over on the new bookcase, I realized that maybe I should have had bought a third one as well.

I love manga from Shueisha, published in Weekly Shonen Jump particularly, and now I am happy to have a bookcase dedicated exclusively to Jump Comics manga. The new one has my collections of One Piece, Naruto, Sket Dance, Nurarihyon no Mago and other smaller series.

My Jump manga bookcase

The top shelf on the picture is now a shelf to put Jump series that are currently running in the magazine, so it contains Assasination Classroom, Shokugeki no Soma, World Trigger and Saiki Kusuo no Psynan. SnS 4, World Trigger 2 and Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 2-6 are on their way in the mail, so I will keep the collection updated.

Assassination Classroom, Shokugeki no Soma, World Trigger, Saiki

There’s also a small section dedicated to Jump Square manga. I obviously don’t have a lot from Jump SQ, but this is where it belongs.

My Jump SQ collection

The “old” bookcase now holds all my manga that isn’t published by Shueisha (well, also a few Young Jump books). This means mainly a lot of Kodansha manga and a shelf of Kadokawa-published manga primarily from Monthly Dragon Age.

My manga collection Kodansha Kadokawa

This leaves a bit of space for the collection to grow. I must say I am very excited and happy with it. I enjoy it so much more when all my manga are visible, it also makes it easier to be inspired and start reading a series that I might otherwise not even remember I had.

I think I have around 600 volumes right now. When it’s been growing slowly but steadily, I don’t find it a shocking amount, I suppose it’s like watching your child grow — you don’t really notice it in the process but suddenly it’s as big as yourself! I remember when I was trying to get just one shelf full. That was the time when I was still a student, so I bought considerably less each month, perhaps only four or five volumes.

The next titles I will add to my collection are Nisekoi and Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome, a series for each bookcase. A more long-term addition I consider is Gintama. I haven’t decided about that yet though. See you!

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11 Responses to My manga collection outgrew the bookcase

  1. kure says:

    Hello! I just found your blog and although we don’t read the same series, I can’t look away at all the shiny new manga you keep getting! And there is nothing more satisfying than a full bookcase. (Other than maybe a not-filled one ’cause there is potential.)

    I was wondering, when ordering from, do you find that there is an ideal number of books per package that can be ordered? For example, sometimes if you order two books from amazon, they’ll place those two books in a box made for five so really it would have been optimal to buy five books. Is there a similar idea with

    • chringle says:

      Hi Kure(mi). I just saw your blog and it looks really interesting. I look forward to reading some of your posts more thoroughly. I see you read Sailor Moon and “Oretachi no Field”, I don’t know them though. What I usually buy is more current manga. I suppose right now I collect manga more than I translate/get better at reading Japanese, but I hope to get into translating again soon.

      In regard to, I get your concern. The optimal amount to order from Honto is four standard-sized tankobon (KC/JC/Shogakukan books like Fairy Tail, One Piece or Gin no Saji). Four of that size fits a blue envelope that might even be able to go through your mailbox (if you’re not home to receive it), they sometimes do here. If you order six of those books, they will ship them in an actual box, way too big for the amount of books, so keep it at four.
      If you’re ordering a larger quantity, I find that 15 books can fit into their largest box. I haven’t tried ordering more than 15 at a time, if I need more I just place two orders.
      So I would recommend either to order four tankobon or around 10-15 tankobon at a time.
      15 volumes shipped to Europe with SAL costs around 2180 yen. I think four volumes is around 1080 yen, so of course it’s more economical to place a larger order.

      I hope you have a nice sunday.

      • kure says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t know if I’d call my blog a blog as it’s really just a notebook per se, but I find that it’s taking me to the next level with my Japanese. Probably because I tend to get caught up in making my handwritten notebooks so perfect that I sometimes forget to actually study what I’m writing, while with the blog I can put it up quickly and call it a studied matter.

        My manga is definitely more on the older side. All my Japanese manga I collected when I was younger before I could read Japanese and I’m only now getting to it all. (The manga I have read is in French.) And in between I lost interest in manga/anime so I didn’t know what new stuff to get. Obviously I’ve rediscovered my affection for manga.

        In Japanese I read:
        Random 少女漫画, Kimagure Orange Road, Oretachi No Field, Angel Heart

        In French I read:
        Detective Conan, One PIece, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter

        And I have finished these series in French:
        Samurai Deeper Kyo, YugiOh, Ayashi no Ceres, Hikaru no Go, Yu Yu Hakusho, City Hunter, Shaman King

        So a little mix of everything. I am trying to find new series to read so as to stay current which is why I like looking at your blog to see what’s out there.

        Otherwise, thank you very much for the information about I will definitely know how to order now, thanks!

  2. You have manga of Samurai Ragazzi??!! I love this manga x3 !! I recommend you read the manga “Mob Psycho 100” – mangaka: ONE 😀 !!

  3. jhova says:

    love your collection.. what is the name of the book case /sheelves

    • chringle says:

      Hi! The bookcases are simply “Billy” bookcases from IKEA with extra shelves. Thanks for your question 🙂 I don’t really update this blog anymore.

  4. Sapphire says:

    Wow. You are my inspiration .

  5. fastertori says:

    Thanks for this! I am looking to get a billy bookcase for my new Japanese manga collection which is growing rapidly. Yours looks great here. It’s a 3 your drive to my ikea though, so for my next flight I’ll just fly in and out of that city and pick up the bookcase on the way home.

    I think my collection will grow decently quickly. I have so much in boxes right now… Maybe around 120 now. Definitely need some way to display it all 🙂


    OMG!!!! I am in love with this!!! I had to reorganize my boyfriends PS4 and XBOX along with his movies to make room for my books but I’m at the point now where I too have to push them to the back to make an extra row. It bugs the crap out of me!!!! Heading to IKEA this weekend thanks to your post!!! Keep up the collecting!!! One day ill post my photos us as well!!! 🙂

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