Manga plans for the rest of 2013

Without spreadsheets my life really wouldn’t suit me at all. I am the sort of person who needs everything organized, and I rely on planning as a sense of help to keep sane and also as a security. In terms of buying stuff, I need spreadsheets to plan my purchases ahead. Even if I could buy all the manga I wanted at once, there’s several downsides to that approach, namely a very large one-time expense.

For as long as I have read and bought manga, I have kept plans for the coming months organized and in a manner so I could try out different combinations and evaluate which books I need immediately and which ones can wait a month or two.

Normally I just set an amount of money that I think is reasonable to spend. I say normally because there will of course be months where I run amok and order uncontrollably, but fortunately that doesn’t happen so often.

Right this moment I have November and December planned out almost completely, and I want to show you how I keep track of it all. I used Excel in the past but now I prefer Google Drive spreadsheets, as I can open it easily from everywhere I go.

This list shows the first part of my November manga plan:

November Manga Plan

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Manga purchases in September 2013

The largest chunk of my new manga this September was the complete set of Nisekoi volumes. I’ve already covered Nisekoi in another post, so in this one I will focus on the other new volumes from the rest of the series I collect.

I had two large packages and one smaller envelope sent to me. In total they contained 23 books, so this was a good month for me. Here follows my list of buys:

  • Fairy Tail 39
  • Gintama 2-4
  • Mutou Black first half
  • Nanatsu no Taizai 4
  • Naruto 66
  • Nisekoi 1-8
  • Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 0
  • Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 2
  • Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 6
  • Shokugeki no Soma 4
  • Smoky B.B. 1
  • Soul Catcher(s) 1
  • World Trigger 2
  • Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo 8

Manga purchases in September 2013

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When new series begin in Weekly Shonen Jump, I check out their artwork and read the first chapter to see what kind of series it is. Normally I will also buy the first tankobon to better get a feel of the series, which is easier when I have seven or eight chapters in print to read at a time. Alongside this I follow the reception of the series on various forums.

When Nisekoi debuted in November 2011, I didn’t pay it any attention though. I thought a romantic comedy (rom-com) series wouldn’t interest me while I was busy reading typical action series like Fairy Tail and One Piece. It would take seven volumes of Nisekoi to be published before I even gave it a chance, but I’m glad I did.

Nisekoi has an anime coming up, it was revealed this summer. This is definitely a good sign for the popularity and lifespan of a series, having an anime produced after running only around 18 months. The reveal made me think that there must be something interesting about Nisekoi, so I ordered the first seven volumes as well as the eight, published in the beginning of this month.

Nisekoi volumes 1-8

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Shonen Jump rankings/TOC in issue #42

What has grown to be one of my favourite interests is following the developments of the Weekly Shonen Jump table of content from week to week. There is a general consensus that the ranking in the Jump TOC indicates how the series have performed in relation to each other. The series that is placed as the first is the most popular series, and this also means that the series in the back of the magazine are less popular and thought of as being in danger of cancellation.

The ranking isn’t based on last week’s chapters though. It is assumed that there is a seven or eight week delay in the ranking, so the TOC from the Shonen Jump issue for this week is based on how the Japanese readers thought of the chapters of the series from eight weeks ago.

This week there was an early TOC preview of the bottom series, released even before the unveiling of the full TOC. There was some surprises in it and a debate of whether or not the bottom preview was fake. It looked like this: Continue reading

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My manga collection outgrew the bookcase

For the past year I have had a problem with my manga collection.

I have a great bookcase for my collection, one with the ability to add extra shelves which is optimal for storing tankobon-sized books. But after a while the monthy purchases of Japanese manga added up and suddenly there was no room for the new books, so I started to take advantage of the depth of the bookcase and pushed the books in so that another row could be added in front of it.

That solution never sat well with me. As an avid collector, I enjoy gazing at all of my books sitting neatly in rows, so when I had to “hide” several rows worth of manga, I felt the need to expand my bookcase instead.

That wasn’t exactly easy though, as the bookcase is from IKEA which is almost 100 kilometres away from where I live. We drove to IKEA last week to solve my manga-accomodation problem and bought the bookcase, but when it was time to pack it in our small car, it wouldn’t fit. We had to return it before we drove home…
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